To assist in referring readers to, below are a downloadable “how to” video and three documents which can be downloaded, duplicated and distributed to patients, the medical community and all readers worldwide. We encourage you to share our brief informational video with your patients, and you may also download and embed the video to your website to offer as a resource. All of the documents below can be reproduced by your local copy/print company or relatively inexpensive online companies such as and Breast360 patient cards in English and Spanish may be inexpensively printed and shipped to your door by placing your order here.

How to Use from Am Soc of Breast Surgeons Fnd on Vimeo.

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Information Flyer About
Information flyer (1.2 MB)

Template for marketing cards (business card size)
Template for marketing cards (business card size) (92.3 KB)

Poster for (22″ x 28)
Poster (22″ x 28) (5.7 MB)