Autologous Fat Transfer in Breast Reconstruction

Autologous Fat Transfer in Breast Reconstruction

Take-Home Message:

Autologous fat transfer in women with breast cancer does not increase the rate of cancer recurrence.

Krastev, T. et. al.

Long-term Follow-up of Autologous Fat Transfer vs Conventional Breast Reconstruction and Association with Cancer Relapse in Patients with Breast Cancer

JAMASurg 2019;154(1):56-53

Autologous fat transfer (AFT) in breast reconstruction uses a woman’s own fat to help recreate breast contour. This technique has been questioned for women undergoing breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery. It has been unclear if those transferred fat cells have an increased risk of developing into breast cancer.

The investigators followed over 580 women who had undergone breast cancer surgery. Approximately half of the group received AFT as part of their reconstruction, and the other group did not. The women were followed for five years.

The rate of breast cancer recurrence (locoregional as well as distant disease) between both groups was essentially equivalent. There were no differences observed based upon type of cancer operation or disease stage. Moreover, between the two groups, the rate of breast cancer-related death was the same.

This study supports the idea that AFT does not affect breast cancer outcomes among women undergoing breast reconstruction. Follow up of results beyond five years is expected.