The Mediterranean Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

The Mediterranean Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

Take-Home Message:

Women who were treated for early stage breast cancer and adhered to a Mediterranean Diet had a lower rate of cancer recurrence compared to women who followed a standard diet.


Mediterranean Diet Influences Breast Cancer Relapse: Preliminary Results of the SETA Project

Authors: Biasini, C. et. al.

Source: J Clin Oncol 34, 2016 (suppl; abstr e13039)

Studies show that the Mediterranean Diet (whole grains, olive oil and other healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables) appears to prevent the development of cancer. This group developed a project to observe the effects of this diet on breast cancer outcomes.

Over 300 women with early breast cancer were enrolled after standard treatment and evidence of disease remission. One group followed a standard diet with advice to reduce cancer relapse, and the other group followed the Mediterranean Diet with education and dietician support. edian follow up was 3 years.

Eleven patients in the standard diet group had a relapse of breast cancer while zero patients on the Mediterranean Diet had a recurrence. This was statistically significant. Moreover, blood ?-carotene levels correlated with adherence to the Mediterranean Diet.

These are preliminary results, and they show so far that the Mediterranean Diet has a direct effect on reducing breast cancer recurrence. Blood ?-carotene levels may provide accurate measures of compliance to the Diet.