Pregnancy does not affect survival among women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer

Aug. 21, 2017


Take-Home Message:

Pregnancy in women with estrogen receptor (ER) positive breast cancer does not affect their length of life.


Safety of Pregnancy in Patients with history of Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer: Long-term follow-up analysis from a multicenter study.

Authors: Lambertini, M et. al.
Source: J Clin Oncol 35, 2017 (suppl; abstr LBA 100666)

The safety of pregnancy after breast cancer has long been a concern. This group had initially found that women with ER positive breast cancer and subsequent pregnancy had equivalent survival compared to women with ER positive breast cancer who did not become pregnant. This current study presented long-term follow up data for these women.

Over 1,200 women were evaluated. For ER positive breast cancer survivors, follow up at 12.5 years showed no difference in disease-free (cancer-specific) survival between the women who did and did not get pregnant. Overall survival was also equivalent. For ER negative breast cancer survivors, pregnant women had greater overall survival compared to women who did not get pregnant.

This long-term study supports the theory that pregnancy after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is safe and should not be discouraged.